70 Federal Street, 1968

A Brahmin in tailored stevedore’s clothes, this building is a true descendant of the granite-slab skeletal buildings of the waterfront. Here the material of the day is concrete—Le Corbusier’s Domino House Project should probably be cited in a paternity suit—but the spans are similar to the older local buildings, making a light net of concrete columns and slabs that distributes the load of the structure evenly enough to bear on the foundations of a previous masonry bearing-wall building.... The whole is very lean and understated: polite, rational and charged with energy.

Donlyn Lyndon The City Observed: Boston, 1982

A delicate precast and glass structure by Stahl-Bennett defines the corner of Congress, Federal, and Franklin Streets and seems to be quietly wondering what this passion for architectural altitude is all about.

Boston Society of Architects Architecture Boston, 1976