Christian Science Church Center, 1968-1973

The Christian Science Center [is] easily the most serene architectural experience in the city; the one experience... in which the essence of the overall Modernist vision can be felt in all its power. To walk along the plaza’s 200-foot-long pool, the water elegantly spilling over the rounded marble edges, or on a hot day to walk under the shade of the colonnade, is to feel—as on a beach alone—how small humankind is, but (as one does not on a beach) how grandly humanity can project of so much into the artful shaping of the environment.

Douglass Shand-Tucci Built in Boston, 1978

The new buildings of the church-center complex are large, austere and very carefully crafted. They are composed of grids and colonnades of a regular pattern framed in large masses of concrete that serve as attics, cornices or endpieces. The buildings are executed in the flawlessly formed and finished concrete for which the Pei office is renowned, colored here to match closely the limestone that covers the upper parts of the Mother Church Extension and cast in sections carefully stacked upon each other in a manner reminiscent of the severe granite-slab buildings of the waterfront.

Donlyn Lyndon The City Observed: Boston, 1982