Design Research Center, 1969

A decade of commercial development in this area... started in 1966 with construction of an office building at 46 Brattle Street for The Architects’ Collaborative. Adjacent multipurpose structures house, incidentally, the offices of their respective architects: Earl R. Flansburgh and Associates and Sert, Jackson and Associates. The all-glass keystone is Design Research... a landmark retail venture that gave greater Boston its first systematic exposure to contemporary design as a way of life. Its nonexistent façade expands the streetscape and invests it with the colors, shapes, and textures of the furnishings, accessories, clothing, and textiles.

Boston Society of Architects Architecture Boston, 1976

The problem here was a simple one: to provide an open showcase of the products of Thompson’s own firm, Design Research, including furniture, fabrics and objects of daily use. The solution adopted was also simple: a skeleton of concrete cylinders supporting cantilevered slabs with minimum interruption from glazing without frames. Merely functional considerations of lighting, storage, circulation and display were transcended by attention to proportion, intervals and joints. This is not a work of high intensity... but an example of the way the language of modern architecture could be put to sensible, elegant, well-proportioned use.

William J. Curtis Boston: Forty Years of Modern Architecture, 1980