Green Center for Earth Sciences, 1962-1964

Pei, who helped prepare the master plan for this section of the campus, also designed three buildings in the quadrant. The most prominent of these is the Green Building, a highly sculptural tower of twenty-one stories that dominates views of MIT from Boston. It is interesting how frequently Pei has chosen to introduce vertical elements into essentially horizontal contexts, for example his Christian Science tower and the Harbor Towers.... In the case of MIT, he felt the tower would provide a vertical focus and would help organize the disparate surroundings. Constructed of cast-in-place sandblasted architectural concrete, its color is similar to that of the limestone of its neighbors.... The design of the Dreyfus building incorporates existing pathways by cantilevering the end of the structure on two diagonal columns. The window grid is formed of diagonal columns and spandrels, which frame deeply recessed windows.... With the Landau Building, Pei completed his group of related spaces and buildings for MIT. The thirty-degree angle of Main Street to Memorial Drive is reflected in the form with its chisel-pointed end that threatens to slice Ames Street. A two-story portico forms a doorway to the campus.

Susan and Michael Southworth AIA Guide to Boston, 1992